Data will be key to understand, monitor and inform the path to achieve the SDG goals. This website was created to host a community maintained, open repository of the SDG goals, and pointers to the underlying data.

We have compiled a machine readable version of the SDG goals, targets and Indicators, as well as references to the data, where it exists. To access the raw data, make edit suggestions or contribute, head over to the SDG data repository.

To access the code for this website, head over the web repository.

We use git data/code repositories (You can learn the basics here, and Github to host and coordinate the collaboration and community contributions (basics here).

Who we are

This is an open project. To see contributions and authors this repository work, these are the authors on the raw SDG data, and here on the work for this website.

How to contribute


  • Code is licensed as MIT License where applicable.
  • Other material (text, visualizations, …) under CC0 where applicable.